Publications Office


Design Publication and Support

Barnett Hall 2220  •  660.785.4129
The Publications Office provides design and publishing services. The staff provides creative assistance in preparing materials for print and web that are consistent with the University’s identity program.


McClain Hall 202  •  660.785.4016
The Public Relations Office provides editorial support and suggestions for brochures/publications to aid in creating printed pieces that are consistent with Truman’s overall identity program.

Licensing and Trademarks

McClain Hall 202 •  660.785.4016
The Public Relations Office oversees and approves the usage of Truman State University’s name, the logo and university seal, and all retail merchandise and related advertising. Approval of the Bulldog logo is coordinated through Winston Vanderhoof in the Publications Office,, 660.785.4128


Barnett Hall 104  •  660.785.4161
Printing Services provides an extensive array of printing services for University needs.


Barnett Hall 2220  •  660.785.4224
The Public Relations Photography Office provides photography services for University needs.